Steve's Log 58

“We’re so trendy we can’t even escape ourselves.”
~Kurt Cobain

Stygia was scarier than I had ever expected but somehow we escaped without even getting into a fight. I largely attribute our survival to our willingness to sacrifice out traveling companions. They died. We lived. I should feel guilt but really I don’t. I don’t feel much of anything. The Professor and Ming and humping like rabbits which is getting annoying and Pete is on the prowl for some slut to bed but ultimately I am bored. I have been studying while traveling but that too is getting to be a bore. I want to cast another fireball. That was fun.

We made it to Eruk where I ended up buying a slave and freeing him. Cheva is his name and he is a bit of an ass but he swore that he was my man and I like having a man who will watch my back. I lost John after all and need some new friends to make up for him being missing in my life. Pete bought a black chick that looks just like the old Bosun, Siaka Sambu, from Jedediah’s ship. Ifamwa, what a fucked up name, took a liking to me and has proven a fun sexual companion and since I was bored I decided to enslave her with one of my mind fucking spells. She is bound to me until I release her. She belongs to Pete but she really is mine to command.

Well we think we have a lead on the Land of the Black Ones. I guess we are heading towards the coast where adventure awaits. I can’t say why, but I have a bad feeling about this.



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