Steve's Log 60

“I am the punishment of God…
If you had not committed great sins,
God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

~Genghis Khan

I had considered giving up on this whole log thing. It seems kind of pointless now that I am dead. Still I think it may prove useful to look back on once I am alive again. Being dead does have its advantages. For one I am really fucking strong and I don’t need to sleep and I don’t feel pain. The negatives are many. I don’t feel being the worst part of it. My coordination seems somehow impaired as well and people seem to treat me differently. I was afraid that Carter would have complete control over me but he is letting me run free for the most part. I am afraid for Carter but that is my self preservation speaking. If Carter dies the spell keeping me alive ends and I die. I need to make sure that never happens.

We got a ship and a crew and a destination. We sailed out of Tortage and headed South. Off the coast of Stygia we spotted a bireme. Somehow I convinced the captain (the Professor) to attack. The enemy ship was huge compared to ours and they outnumbered us roughly four to one. We rammed the ship and started to board. The surprise on the Stygian captains face was almost funny. Then the battle began. Carter ordered me to protect him and he hid in the Captain’s room. I stood outside of the door and killed everyone who came near. At some point I saw Corey get captured and though I wanted to go to his aid, I was compelled to stay. He broke free and then the Professor went down under a pile of men. Our crew began to rout and I saw what needed to be done. I screamed at Carter to release me. His eyes were filled with fear and he consented. I then turned and took command.

At first the men did not listen and I watched many of them die. Then they heard me and as I shouted an order to charge I realized that a third party was ripping into our flank. It was Deep Ones. I screamed in anger and directed the men to turn to face them. The the Stygians smashed into us and I realized we were in real trouble. I ordered the crew to withdraw and we backup up to the far end of our ship. Our lines spread thin and death all around us. As the Stygians took the bait and charged across the gap between the ships I ordered and all or nothing charge. We all bu ignored the Deep Ones that were dragging men overboard and we ripped a path through the enemy. At some point I noticed The Professor and Corey were by my side. I motioned to Corey to take the fight to the Deep Ones while I pushed forward with the Professor and we destroyed the Styigians.

It was well after dark when the battle ended. About thirty Stygians surrendered and we gutted them without mercy. We took their women prisoner. The three Deep Ones that were still left dove overboard and escaped our wrath. The bireme was filled with hundreds of black slaves and we freed some of them to replace our losses. Kinfe or whatever his fucking name was was very wounded and I threw his traitorous ass over board. Corey used his TK to pull the bitch out of the water which pissed me off. You don’t allow a traitor to live. I chopped the bastards head off and gave Corey a look, daring him to say something. He kept his mouth shut which was good because I was in a mood.

The Professor is captain again but the men have been grumbling. As such I took it upon myself to split head of any who speak against the captain and try to create dissent. We serve and we sail or we die. The Island of the Black Ones awaits us.