Corey ~ Blackjack

According to everyone.....i don't nothing.....thats fine


Zeek (Teke)

Currently acting gunner in Pete’s Brigand:


Who am I? Why you want to know? Are you up to something? I am keeping an eye on you.


I was born and raised in NYC. Born in the Bronx and raised in Queens New York. I always look order and was bigger than others my age. So I have done alot of security work. You know work different clubs as a bouncer. Did some bodyguard work for wantabe stars. Hey in the 80’s-90’s if you could get your song played on the local radio …people thought you were a star. long live Hip-hop and Rock.
I moved down to Baltimore, Maryland for college and never left. I know somethings about computers. but shhhh … people think i am just stupid….let them… i like my secrets


I got married, had kids, divorced, paying child support for kids that stay with me most of the time….. life is a bitch and so is my ex

I am about 5’10, 250 lbs .. still benching about 500 lbs even in my 40’s now.

The world sucks…. my world was invaded by aliens… I lost all things I loved my house, family, my kids and even my dog. Damnit I love that black lab Jericho

oh Sasha was cool too (my black calico cat that hardly came out)

Anyway, I have at least found my buddys that I used to hang with. They were the only ones still alive that I could find after the invasion. My buds Pete, Steve, and John.

After some crazy things such as joining the rebels, going in to space and now stuck in different but the same type earths. I am traveling with my buds to find a world that we can find happiness. I hope to find a world where my kids are safe and happy even if it is without me.

So here we go….

Corey ~ Blackjack

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