Corey's Log 23

Well some battles should not happen.

We got our asses handed to us.

Prof and I went to setup am ambush with the guys. John went a head of us to keep look out. Our radio were not working due to some kind of interference.
Well the group we attack was way bigger than we thought ….they had war elephants and a lot of people. At one point, found out that Steve was traveling with them. Our radio started working again but it was too late.
These big things were nearly on top of us when we jump up and attack. Yes it was stupid but we stayed committed to the plan. I broke down and lost control when I saw a huge war elephant crash down on the prof and Pete. Then I lost it. I was leaping around and slashing at anything. I felt myself trying to release a new wave of power. By the time I regain my control, many were down including Kuma dying body at the end of my weapon. We were capture by the leader Jatesh and given a task to complete or die.
He had a warrior join with us to make sure the job was done. This warrior was most beautiful woman that I have ever seen name Ming. I fell for her at first sight. However, she thinks that I am a demon that works for Prof because of my berserk rage and red eyes.

Now I find myself drawn to her and wanting to telling her the whole truth about us. But she is still doesn’t believe



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