Corey's Log 24

We arrived at Shaadazar and got some well needed sleep. We got back on the road when my horse became injured. Ming put it down. I walk the remain way until we got to a place where I was able to rest and get another ride I find myself conflicted with this hold that Ming has on my heart and my feeling of guilt of killing Kuma. Maybe I am the animal or demon that she says I am just trying to play human.

I find myself trying to focus and gain control by practicing my “thought bomb”. Occasionally trying to stun people and robbing them. I spent a lot of time trying to get the heart strings of Ming. Even in just dueling with her for practice.

I must fight this hold and allow myself to be freed. I have started to give into my darkside again. I am willing to fight full heartedly. I follow behind my brothers and sisters willing to do what it takes. Even though I take women as I go along …I still want Ming and I tell her that
For now it is time for me to let go and enjoy.



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