Loggybook 2

“Tool up, honey bunny. It’s time to get bad guys.”
~Damon Macready

Hello Loggybook. Me not happy today. Me sad. Me new friends think me fictional character from stupid game. Me not fictional character. Me not Jar Jar Binks. Me Elle, me good girl. Me walk with queenie and she not treat me like dog meat stick. She treat me like kind nice pretty lady. Me like queenie. Me wonder what one has to to to be queenie. Me think me not smart enough to be queenie and me not pretty enough. Me meet painted queenie and she tell me that me is special. Me like special. Me is special. Me have perfect ass. Me is special good girl. She tell me they have school for special people like me. Maybe me go to special people school. Me then get big sciencey brain and me be professor. Me like to dream. dream make me feel good. Me almost forget. Me go to crypt to see new friends and they get into big fight and not even see me. Me poof lots of people. Me dress up as masked crusader and me pretend to be big bad vigilante type. Then The Professor shout to world, “I AM BATMAN!” and me suddenly realize that me could be Robin. Me want to be Robin. Me make good sidekick. Me kickass. Me gots to go, dinner is calling. Bye Bye Loggybook.



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