Steve's log 25

I was never more at home than I was at battle.
~Solomon Kane

The attack went off better than anticipated but we did suffer losses. Twenty men had been hired to assist us and only three made it out with us in the end. Ox, that beast of a man, died when sliced from groin to nose by the slash of a broadsword and I too suffered a grievous wound or two. A stygian arrow pierced my left shoulder and a broadsword, wielded by the Captain, nearly killed me as it crushed ribs and sliced through my armor. If not for the heat of the battle, I think I may have fallen. During the course of the fight, Pete shot the Stygian sorcerer that lead the caravan. The arrow hit him in the head as he raised his finger at me and utter blasphemous words. I felt my heart being pulled forth and could see the light passing out of my own eyes and then clarity returned and the bastard fell to the ground, not ten paces from me. The Professor proved that there is more to him than a big stinking brain. He killed the monstrous guardian, a fifteen foot snake with fangs like scimitars. All in all it was a good night.

Following the battle we delivered our goods and paid off the few men that survived. The poison we stole was a powder that when inhaled, kills instantly. I took one packet for myself, but will probably never use the stuff. My injuries were bad and I needed help. We went to an apothecary and bought a drug to deaden my pain and let me function. The stuff was foul tasting but I got it down and as I felt it infuse my senses I became a machine. A machine that was aroused and full of hate. I took Sam like a beast in heat and rode her well after she had passed out from exhaustion. Then dressed and joined my friends as they left to assault the tower.

We climbed the outer wall, killed some guards and a couple of lions. I felt like a god. I felt like I could take on all of the tribes of Cimmeria and destroy them. We climbed the tower, nearly 150 above the city. We entered and found jewels and gemstones and riches beyond belief. We also found spiders the size of small dogs. Our pockets full of riches we still had failed to find Kat. It was while filling up with gems that the huge spider, at least 30 pounds, landed on my helmet and bit. The helmet took the bite but somehow the damned spider knocked it off. I panicked and ran at a stone wall. I charged like a bull intending to smash the creature. I awoke later with a headache that was beyond belief. The guys are still laughing at me. I guess I am laughing too.

As we explored further we found a creature that looked like Ganesh. It was a giant thing and it spoke to us and told us of times long forgotten. It told us of how it was imprisoned and tricked by the sorcerer, Yara, and how it had lived for longer than our galaxy. I asked it to teach us and offered to free it. I told us to cut out its heart and pour its blood onto a huge jewel that was in the room. It then told us an incantation and how to use it. While the guys contemplated action, I cut out the heart of this god and squeezed it’s blood over the jewel. The jewel absorbed the blood and when I was done I took the heart bit into it. I have read that the power of a being exists in its heart and I wanted this creature’s power. The thing was foul.

We went deeper into the tower and eventually found Kat and more treasures. Then we found Yara sleeping in his drugged state. He awoke and before he could blast us with his magic I threw the blood soaked jewel at his feet and said, “Yag Kosha gives you the last gift and the last enchantment.” What happened next was strange and comical. Yara jumped to his feet and started circling the jewel at the same time he shrank smaller and smaller until the jewel towered over him. Then him and the jewel vanished. As the tower began to tremble we grabbed up more loot and fled. The tower collapsed behind us though I know not how we escaped. Most of our treasure vanished as if they had never existed. Still be got a fair amount of silver and a golden liquid that heals injuries. It works, I tried it.

Now we prepare to leave the city to find Randolf’s treasure and Christine. I am fucking with Sam and not freeing her. Keeping her as a slave and telling her “to love you is to want to own you” and stuff like that. She seems to be playing along. The book I took from the tower is written in Nemedian so I bought a slave girl that is a scholar of some sorts. She will be my teacher. As we mover forward I will be working to teach her and Sam how to fight with short blades and how to throw them. I getting them both traveling clothes and gear as well as some good horses. Sam will pick the horses as she is the expert in such things. Life is good and I feel like a king. I am starting to hope it takes us a long time to find Randolf’s treasure, this place has too many possibilities.

Slave Samantha The Nemedian Slave, Duralia



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