Steve's Log 34

I shit my pants

“The only thing worse than fighting a giant scorpion was fighting a giant scorpion who was trying to protect her young.”
~Suzanne Collins, Gregor and the Marks of Secret

I think this new world may be one of the most fucked up places we have visited. Now that is saying something considering the world of the Yamato. This place suffered from some kind of catastrophy on the level of world war three. Now the place is a wasteland with people who are truly broken. The bugs here are all giant and the people are paranoid to the point of making me consider killing them all just to keep myself safe.

We took a job with a local town to kill some giant scorpions and then to go and rescue the daughter of a politician who had been kidnapped. The first part of the job was scary enough. Scorpions that moved fast as hell and where the size of VW bugs. I hope never to face them again. As we prepared to head off for the rescue, The Prof noticed some dude coming out of the cave we had just exited. The dude was wearing a yellow jump suit and a yellow rice patty hat. He looked a fucking fool. He walked up to us and introduced himself as The King in Yellow.

I shall pause while you go clean the shit from your pants.

Ok now let me say that I felt a distinct separation between myself and my underwear when I heard this. I felt like Bender in that episode when he shit a brick. I was terrified but too stupid to run. The dude tried to recruit us to fight Dr Destroyer. We talked out way out of it. The whole time he kept speaking of honor and doing the right thing and giving me the hairy eyeball. He even told me that there may come a time when he shall kill me. What the fuck does it mean when a cosmic entity singles you out for death?

I am not sure I plan to stick around. As soon as the device is ready and we have Stephanie’s sister in tow, I am out of here.




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