Steve's Log 35

“They say people don’t believe in heroes anymore. Well, damn them! You and me, Max, we’re gonna give ’em back their heroes!”
~Fifi from Mad Max

So now we got be the heroes and save a tight little piece of ass from a rough ride with a bunch of animals. I am probable disrespecting animals by comparing the scum we killed to animals. They were a rough looking batch of thugs, maybe 20 in all, and they were cannibals. That alone was enough to make me want to kill them. As we approached the assholes one of them threw a nasty spear at me. I caught it and threw it right back at him. He fell over dead and everyone on both sides started laughing. This got us invited inside. After some talk things got hot. Their leader was a huge man named Bull. I fast drew and plugged him right between the eyes. That kicked off the firefight and the Professor and Sam proved their merit. Betty got shot pretty good but even she stood toe to toe with the monsters. I took an arrow in the back and I gotta tell you, that hurt like hell. I never got to see John in action but the dead men outside of the place spoke for itself. We rescued a bunch of people who looked liked they had been through hell. Our goal with this place was to rescue Tandy, the mayor’s daughter, and we did that with relative ease. Once again tech and skill wins out over primitive ass wipes.

After getting the girl back to town the whole place had a celebration. The next day we hit the road.

Following a map that we got from Bull’s men, we made our way to Reno. During the trip the guys spent the days walking while Sam and I took the figurine animals out to hunt. I taught her much and we ate good. My nights were split between playing games with Sam and my figurine girls or studying the spells in those books I had. I can see it will take some time to learn them. I am hoping I can figure out how to modify the enslavement spell so that I dont need the ingredients or better yet, so I can cast it for a friend. Only time will tell if I can pull this off.

Just outside of town we discovered a bolt hole with a bunch of Popsicle people. We defrosted them and made friends. They were a Morrow Project Recon team and they missed their wake up call 200 years ago. Now they get the job of figuring out how to rebuild society. We talked them into a ride down to LA. Oh and less I forget, we even found a fringe warp. Pretty cool stuff.




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