Steve's Log 36

And you, West, not every situation calls for your patented approach of “shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more and then when everybody’s dead try to ask a question or two.”
~ President Grant; Wild Wild West, 1999

Exploring the wasted city of LA was not without its interesting moments but overall the place is a dump. Blasted by bombs, the streets are barely passable and the buildings are a wreck. A few places survived like the City Library, where people have built an enclave, but overall I hope never to return. A militant group called the NCR threatens the city with their moralistic justice and slave labor camps. We discovered that Alice was being held in one of these camps and we sent John in to scout the place out. He saw an opportunity and went to get her on his own.

While he was off scouting the place me, Sam, John, and Betty went in search of Randolf Carter’s home. We did this as payment to the librarian who told us where to find Alice. Finding the house took an hour and we saw it was protected by the Elder Sign. The group was afraid to go in. They felt that the seal was there to keep something in. I disagreed and popped a bullet into the seal.

The inside of the house seemed untouched by the devastation that had destroyed the city. We searched the place and found a bunch of giant eggs. They were close in size to a volleyball. That is when the mother attacked. Her claws ripped into me as my pistol cleared the holster. I shot her but my gun was knocked from my hand. I could hear the Professor shooting past my head and could see wounds appearing in the monster’s face. The shotgun slugs did not slow her down. Claw after claw rained down on me and I popped my own claws and went to town on her. I got her twice but then she held me at arms length making hits nearly impossible. I broke free and ran into the next room. The creature ignored me and went after the Professor. I heard the Prof scream as the beast hit him. I took a quick breath and drew my axe. I then charged in and saw the Professor was going toe to toe with the bitch. He was using his cyber arm to deflect a claw while nailing her with his own claws. I leaped into the air and swung the axe and the creature’s head separated from her body. I landed on her and kept swinging until I was sure she was no longer moving.

The Library was filled with the classics. We took what we could find and carted them back tot he Librarian. I kept a few occult books back for my own use. I was very wounded and needed a rest. I suggested we stay in the Library for a couple of weeks while waiting for the device to recharge. The group took me up on the offer.

During that time I healed and spoke with Alice alot. She seemed distant at first but I think I was getting through to her. Sam was a bit jealous and she has every right to be jealous. As soon as I saw Alice I knew it was meant to be, between me an her. This doesn’t mean I will leave Sam. It means I need to get Sam on board with me and Alice on board with her. It will take some work but Sam has already proven she is cool with thing during our time in Hyboria.

When the time came to pop into the next world John talked one of the Morrow Team into joining us. We jumped through the portal and into the Wild Wild West. We landed in the laboratory of a half crazed mad scientist who had invented a dimensional generator. We broke the machine as we came through. I think he hijacked our signal.

He took us into town and the next thing I know we are deputized to fight zombie raiders. I don’t understand how or why but this place is one freaky old west. I only hope it isn’t the Dead Lands from the Save Worlds game system. If it is, I fear what we may run into.



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