Steve's Log 37

“There is no law, no restraint in this seething cauldron of vice and depravity.”
~The New York Tribune

The Wild WIld West started out as a pretty dismal place. We survived the zombie onslaught only to be presented with nothing to do. We decided to trade in some of our gold for cash and do some shopping and drinking. Later Sam and I tool a group out horse back riding. It was fun watching the look of joy and fear on Stephanie’s face. I don’t think she had ever seen a horse before and to see her approaching it with apprehension and then the sudden transformation to joy as she learned how to ride, well to say the least, it was pretty cool. Even Alice, who also had never been on a Horse was having fun. The joy ride got cut short when we were attacked by a Rattler. I don’t mean a snake but rather a giant wormlike creature with tentacles. We escaped but the thing is still out there.

Back in town we heard about a revival and while discussing the merits of going we took a trip to the celestial part of town. John bought us some good authentic Chinese food and I brokered a deal for a pound of opium. The old guy I got it from seemed impressed that I spoke Chinese and let it slip that a huge shipment of Opium was due in a couple of days. I think we should try stealing said shipment but a couple of a days is a long way off. Following the meal we decided to head up to Niggerville or Diggertown or some other stupid name. The place is a tent city for the miners. There we got to watch some asshole minister tell us about the fires of hell that awaited us. I could contain myself no longer and jumped up on a chair and started my own brand of preaching. Pete started playing his guitar and getting the mood set. I told the crowd about Cthulhu, Dagon, and Mother Hydra. I even threw in some Hyborian sex cult stuff. The next thing I knew, the preacher and I were having a good old fashioned duel of words. The crowd was getting agitated and excited. I sent Sam in with a bucket to collect donations and she ripped open her shirt and flashed her perfect tits for all to see. She worked that crowd like a pro. John and the Professor slipped away and it was then I noticed the tensions were getting a bit high. Pete, Sam, and I beat feet just as the riot started. We saw a bunch of people chasing us and tossed back a stick of dynamite to scare them off. We escaped but for hours after we could see the fires of the tent city burning on the horizon combined with a symphony of gunshots and screams.

Back in town we discovered a skinned person, the second in two days. We decided to hunt the beast doing this and soon were in a chase with a catlike creature that escaped us by turning into a person as it entered one of the whore houses. I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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