Steve's Log 39

“If you’re robbing a bank and you’re pants fall down, I think it’s okay to laugh and to let the hostages laugh too, because, come on, life is funny.”
~John Hardy

Hunting this skin thief is proving more and more difficult. There are virtually no clues that I recognize and the thing is doing a real good job evading us. On top of that, the town’s people seem hell bent on being assholes. Sure a few seem nice but most offer little assistance or are down right hindrances. I am taking John’s words to heart. Killing these people without provocation is murder. Our enhancements give us an edge that is almost godlike. So what am I to do.

I am angry about the way things are going and we need to focus and get direction. Failure to do so means the skin thief escapes and we move onto another world. I don’t want to leave until we find the thing but at the same time, I don’t like this town and don’t want to stay here.

Our plan to use John as bait seems to have worked and failed at the same time. John decided to rob the bank. He broke in at night and cracked the safe. Then this giant Mexican that looks like MACHETE walks in on him and starts a fight. I was working over-watch and couldn’t see the action. Pete, The Professor, and John fought Machete and I think they killed him. Even the fucking werecat ran in to help but then fled with its tail between its legs when it saw Machete. I really want to know what Machete was. He took one hell of a beating, and I base this assessment on the fact that I heard alot of gun shots and at that range I doubt if any of the guys would have missed.

They guys got out of the bank and pulled a good haul. We decided to turn the deeds over to the prospective landowners and keep the money for ourselves. I guess the next thing on our list is stealing a train. I am curious as to how that will turn out. We also could go rob the opium delivery but I got a pound already and don’t need any more. On another note, Sam doesnt seem pissed at Corey anymore but Corey is still giving her the stinkeye. I understand he is pissed about getting shot in the knee but then again, he is an armored beast and she did it with a pistol. I just hope I never have to decide between the two of them. I fear I will lose a friend the day that happens.



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