Steve's Log 40

“There’s a difference between criminals and crooks.
Crooks steal.
Criminals blow some guy’s brains out.”

~Ronnie Biggs

The trail of the Skin Thief was looking hot. We went into that basement under the Tanner’s shop. It was the very basement the little girl tried to get John into a few days ago. Turns out the skin thief was using the plas to mask his killings. Lots of blood and other grisly shit. I noticed a bunch of bottles of witch hazel along with a straight razor. After some talk we headed to the barber shop. Apparently the only one in town. The greasy Italian fuck of a barber walked up with a grin and started that Italian slurred English and I cracked him in the head with my ax. Apparently the guys failed to consider that this was the plan. Maybe I should have relayed it to them. The skin fell away and the barber started thrashing about. He grabbed at me, then John, then the Professor and missed every time. All the while we piled on hits from my ax, John’s sword, The Professor’s pistol, and Pete’s bow. The fucker would not go down. Finally he dropped and I chopped off his head. We were a bloody mess.

A quick search uncovered his stash of skins and we got the sheriff who seemed rather impressed. Later we stole a zeppelin, robbed a train, and got the fuck out of this world. And I say good riddance.



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