Steve's Log 42

“We shall now seek that which we shall not find”
~Thomas Malory

And so my days in the courts of London began and though they be among the most boring of my life, I would not trade them for anything. Escorting Queen Isolt from place to place was truly a pleasure. I met many a knight and lady throughout the day but the man who impressed me the most was King Leodegrance. He here in the city hoping to discover knights who would travel deep into The North to carry was war to the very doorsteps of Balor of the Evil Eye. The very though of this sends shivers down my spine but the prospect of glory and fame are very enticing. The Queen gave left me at the door while she had a private meeting with Lady Elaine of King Pellius’s court.

After the meeting I asked what was so secret and the Queen told me that the Lady Elaine carried news of the wasteland but Arthur was refusing to see her. It has something to do with the fact that Pellius stood against Arthur during the great war. We spoke of other courtly intrigues and I discovered much of the goings on in London. The Queen is quite the gossip. Eventually we ended up in the grand bazaar of the Tower of London. Here I saw many young knights in training and the Queen insisted I practice with them while she studied the fighting styles of those boys Leodegrance brought with him. Percivale, squire to Sir Lancelot, agreed to train with me and he showed me my skill with a sword was quite lacking. The whole fast attack, slow strike thing is harder than it looks. You must move with blinding speed and at the last second slow your strike and push it through the armor/shield. I need to talk with John and get back to fencing. I can imagine this style of fighting, combined with fencing, will make an interesting fighting technique.

The queen soon needed to go and thus I spent the remainder of my day watching the political machinations of the city. Soon enough I received word of the assassination attempt on the Prime Minister. It warmed my soul to hear that my friends had stopped the attack but I am envious of them that I missed my chance to be a part of the fun. Tomorrow I plan to go shopping and then check our some of this city’s famed nightlife. I keep expecting the King to tell us, “You must find the Holy Grail.” This place has so many connections to Mallory and at the same time is so damned different.



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