Steve's Log 43

“I’m going to go down swinging… I’m sure as heck not going to go home and say I had a bad tournament.”
~Andre Agassi

Our night on the town was fun but overall a bit of a let down. Pete never showed which meant we never got the chance to make fun of him. The Abyss was quite intoxicating and I may someday return but honestly, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be. Depravity in this world is far more censored than my mind. Eventually we made our way to Glastonbury for the Beltain Tournament. The place is a mix of modern, futuristic, and the ancient. Set up as a tourney from the middle ages the place also had a Renaissance fair feel to it. People walking around with flat phones, television screens, and even cars. I was off kilter right from the start. This place is ruled by chivalry and yet it has a cyberpunk feel to it. I guess that since we are nobles in this land that it makes us the establishment. I do not like thinking of myself as THE MAN but in this place, we are THE MAN.

The tourney runs for seven days. Day one is the challenges. A series of duels between knights for whatever reason. Day two is the feast and great dance. Day three is Iron-man race. Day four is the Joust. Day five is the great hunt. Day six is dedicated to Falconry. Day seven is the Grand Melee. Each day also has dozens of minor events. We are signed up for the four major events which make up the core of the tourney, Those are the Duels, The Joust, Falconry, and the Grand Melee.

During the duels phase, The Professor was challenged by Sir Gawain. The fight was great as it lasted for what seemed an eternity. The Professor, ever one to flaunt tradition, used more of his kung fu than actual swordsmanship. He lost in the end but not before making friends with Gawain. John challenged Sir Lamorik and that fight was quick and furious. I felt left out and so I challenged Sir Balan. We were evenly matched but in the end my wounds were severe enough that I yielded. Balan was in bad shape too but he seemed too stubborn to quit.

I know not what the rest of this event will hold for us but partying with Pelanore’s men made us feel right at home. During the party I snuck off and investagated some of the empty tents. The things I saw have given me many new ideas for what is possible in this world.



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