Steve's Log 44

“For glory’s sake, war!”
~King Xerxes

I fucking love battle. Warfare infuses my soul and pushes me to new heights. The Tourney of Glastonbury has been very eventful. The professor won the falconry competition capturing a thirty pound jackalope with his raptor. I came in second place in the joust losing only to Lancelot. The grand melee is where we shined as a team. The Brotherhood won the battle and it was a glorious battle indeed. Early on Pete took on Lamorak in a one-on-one duel. Pete nearly had him but a sudden powerful blow from Lamorak ’KO’ed Pete. john saw Pete go down and was quickly at his side but Lamorak faded into the fray. It was then that Sir Garath came at me like a mad fool and I cleaved his skull in two. The bloodlust was upon me and having seen my friend go down, I was in a rage. Three more of the Orkney brothers came charging me looking to avenge their family honor. I met them with bloodlust in my eyes and broke Agravaine’s jaw with a shield smash. As he fell, Mordred leaped upon me but slipped in the bloody mud. I cleaved him while he lay on his back. Finally it was time to face Gaheris and he stuck me deep with his blade but I followed through and took his head which landed feet away from Mordred. It was then that I saw the boy still lived so I dragged him through the fray until I found Jack and sent him to our lines as a prisoner.

I know not when Corey arrived but suddenly he was at my side along with the professor. I was shouting orders and grabbing men who tried to flee the field. I would shove them back at the enemy which seemed to come from all sides. Pete, inspired by the deeds of the Brotherhood, stood again and raced through a field of gunfire only to capture the enemy banner and drag it back to our ranks. All the while john stood tall carrying the banner of the Fisher King and weathered a constant storm. His command of the day was inspired and King Arthur could not gain advantage no matter how hard he tried.

In the end the reeves called the battle ended and though it was all done in sport, hundreds lay dead or dieing. The carnage was immense but the glory of it all was beyond my reckoning. We partied hard with the soldiers of both armies that night and our women treated us as conquering kings. Even wounded to near death, we enjoyed every moment of it.



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