Steve's Log 45

“The Father wove the skein of your life a long time ago. Go and hide in a hole if you wish, but you won’t live one instant longer. Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing.”
Herger the Joyous

The grand event of the Tourney was an awards ceremony and dance. It was awesome seeing The Brotherhood represented on the stage by The Professor and the rest of my companions. When King Arthur challenged The Professor to a stamina competition, I cringed. I suspected a trick. Galahad took the stage and The Professor stood with his chest exposed and allowed Galahad to strike him with a punch. The room exploded into chaos when we saw the flesh explode off of The Professor’s torso. His sub-dermal armor was shattered and a thick dust fell from his body. I suspect it was the death of millions of The Professor’s nanites. The Professor staggered back, a look of shock on his face, and then his eyeballs exploded into gouts of sparks and flame. The Professor never screamed. He bowed calmly to the King and turned to walk away. As hit hit the steps he staggered down them but recovered with the grace of a cat. Pete and John ran to his side and King Arthur offered the use of his car to get The Professor to the hospital. We would find out the damage was caused by a nanite plague The Professor had been suffering from in secret. I guess if I was plagued I might keep it to myself but how could he endanger all of us by withholding this knowledge. I am loyal to my friends but their actions each week push me further and further from trusting them with anything important. If that plague had been contagious, we might all have died for lack of knowledge of its existence.

Following the events the team decided to head back to London via a pit stop in York. I took up an offer from Queen Morgause to travel to the Orkneys as her guest. She wowed me with displays of psychic power and showed me her magical library that contained books from a hundred worlds. She told me about how magic works in most worlds but in this one it is unknown. She demonstrated how one could use their magical training to manifest psychic powers in this place. Humphrey scoffed at much of it but she also seemed quite subdued by the experience. After arranging to return at a later time to visit my new found friend, her sons cornered me in the kitchen. Mordred grabbed me from behind and placed his blade to my throat while Aggrivaine and Gareth (Didn’t I kill him?) punched me and kicked me. Gawain came in and said that I should be given a chance to defend myself and Mordred let me go as he and his brothers suited up. Humphrey was no where to be seen and I prepared myself for death. As we squared off a bell rang and all of the men immediately stood at attention. Queen Morgause came in and demanded to know why hospitality was being breached in her home. The men apologized and Gawain issued a formal challenge against me. I am to return in three weeks to face him at the Tournament of the Orkneys. Queen Morgause apologized to me offered me a place in the castle when next I returned. Later I would find out that Humphrey had fetched the queen and saved my life.

I returned to London, went shopping with the guys and John even bought me a flying broom. I impressed them all by flying it like a pro. The next morning as we prepared to head off to The North John was being cantankerous, We got into an argument and steel was drawn. I guess I lost as I am waking up in a hospital bed. My head is killing me. I look forward to discovering what transpired while I was out.



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