Steve's Log 61

I also have always liked the monster within idea. I like the zombies being us. Zombies are the blue-collar monsters.
~George A. Romero

Being dead sucks. You don’t feel anything and everything tastes like ash. This gets old real fast. I now understand why zombies walk so slow and carefully. It is because they are afraid of damaging their non-healing bodies. I am only now coming to realize that I don’t heal. I just get cut and burned and broken and don’t heal. I am not rotting or anything but I feel very broke down and yet I have no real desire to stop. This feeling of non-feeling is beginning to stretch into my mind and affect me mentally as well. I really have no care for those who are with me. The little bit of feelings I do have are all that is keeping e from chopping the heads off the entire bunch of them. I feel hopeless. I need gakagen.

The search of the island of the black ones has proven difficult. Our crew keeps dieing. Some at my own hands. I even split my sweet Gabrielle in two. Fuck Carter. It was his fault. We have managed to rescue some women, one even claims to be a princess of Barsoom. John would be in his glory if he were still alive. I wonder if I will meet him in Valhalla when this body finally gives up.

During the search of the ruins we found the inhabitants and they were like squat deep ones with black skin. The battle was intense. Our crew dies by the dozens. We won but not without serious injury. I am so chopped up that I am surprised my body is still working. I really need to use the gakagen and get the fuck out of here. Now onto the heart of this place. I fear we all will soon discover what lies beyond death.



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