Christina de Souza

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Steve: We met this woman while travelling to Gettysburg. She was trying to get to New York City so that she could rob the Met. I guess it is no big deal, saving art might be a good thing. I turned her onto some art she might want up in Harrisburg. She gave me a code that she said would be very important to me in the future. We shall see. I suspect she is a time traveler or something else not of this world. If we meet again, I may just ask her.

Our second encounter with this woman was on the world that reminded me of Car Wars or perhaps Death Race. She warned us to not trust The Professor and to watch out for The Master. She also tried to get a hold of our device. Perhaps it was simple curiosity but I don’t trust her.

John: We’ve encountered her yet again, this time in the cyber-world. She’s asked us to acquire a deathmask for her in yet another world, one we haven’t yet gone to. She said she’d do it herself, but the gentleman who owns it – a man named Khan – knows her already and she wouldn’t be able to get close. For doing this, she’s agreed to obtain a set of tools for Knucks to be able to work on the device. Sounds good to me.

Steve: Knucks ended up in the hospital and the device was lost or stolen. Later we discovered that Christine had taken it and she is now using it to leverage us into doing jobs for her. She got over on us which is good for her but I don’t take kindly to being made the fool. Things are going to come to a head.

Steve: Ok now I am feeling a bit better about the situation. John broke into Christine’s place and stole the device back. Then we went on and finished her jobs. Now the bitch can’t pay us the payments she promised. I can’t wait to see her face.

Steve: Following our time in the Halls of Chaos Christine was very grateful to us for rescuing her. Furthermore she was pleased we completed her jobs. She was a bit sheepish about not being able to pay us. Then she had the gall to ask me for the Matrix I had won. Apparently it use to belong to her. She offered to take us to Lucian where we could learn about an alternate mode of dimension hopping that was not only safer, but more accurate. I feel that Christine and me have gotten over our past differences and am giving her the Matrix. She better not screw me over on this.

Christina de Souza

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