To say she is crazy is an understatement. People that know her tend to fear her chaotic and unpredictably violent behavior. While serving as a Commander in Starfleet she was captured by the 501st legion and suffered extreme interogation techniques. No one knows how she escaped but when she returned to Starfleet, she was deemed “Emotionally damaged beyond repair” and given a medical discharge. She retired to Risa and three months later was sentenced to Denchar for murdering a bunch of tourists.

Following her escape from Denchar Penal Colony she began a one person war against a parasitic spidelike species (the Shan) that takes over people’s brains by nesting in them. Of course nobody believes her because she is insane and has no proof. She claims they burst into flames when she removes them. When she finds victims of the parasite she leaps on them and drives an icepick-like knife into their forehead. This usually kills the infected person but some do survive. Her victims are many but those that survive her attack end up joining her or at least seeing her as their savior.

Unfortunately for Ellie, the galaxy turned towards a war that was far too terrible to imagine. Ellie tried for a time to be the hero of the galaxy but soon enough realized the folly of her plight. She used her Temporal ship to travel back into Terra’s past to try and find a savior for the world. Instead she discovered that she had not traveled through time but rather to another dimension. One in which Arthur, the once and future king had returned. Recruited by Merlin to save this world, Ellie has taken it upon herself to aid the people she believes will find the Holy Grail.


Ellie’s Journals

Ellie’s Log 1
Ellie’s Log 2
Ellie’s Log 3
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Ellie’s Log 16


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