Gabrielle is the slave girl Steve captured following a battle with a Stygian bireme. No one knows her real name as Steve told her that Gabrielle was her name and he made it clear that anyone who called her by another name was going to be split in half.


Steve: I figure this little toy will have to do. With Sam being dead I need someone to fill the void. Sure I am a zombie and can’t have sex, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a pet. Anyone who even looks at her wrong is going to die. She is mine.

Molly was one of the slaves we captured from the Stygian galley. She appears to be from Ireland, from sometime in the 1600’s. According to her story, she was after Captain Marsh when she was pulled into a storm and ended up here in Hyboria.


Elric We met him in the city of Yezud. "It is the color of a bleached skull, his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk-white. From the tapering, beautiful head stare two slanting eyes, crimson and moody, and from the loose sleeves of his yellow gown emerge two slender hands, also the color of bone. "


Idra joined the party on the first visit to Hyboria. She was an ex-slave and pit fighter. She is a fierce warrior. She died by sorcery facing the Priests of the Spider God.


Steve: I like her her being around. She is almost as funny as Ming

Steve: Shrinking doom got her and John, fucking spider priests!!! On top of that we never saved her friend from the dungeon.

Dani was saved from a horrible death by John one night in Shadizar. He’s known her for a short time, but something about her intrigues him.


John: Beyond her physical appearance, this woman’s mind is a wonder, particularly for a courtesan of Shadizar.

Professor: She knows much more than any Hyborian courtesan should, and claims to be from another world like us. She also claims to have been brought here by a man named Doph who was headed to the Isle of the Black Ones. Definitely worth checking out

Steve: I told her how to break the Gakagen spell and after several days of trying, she poofed out one night. I wonder if we will ever see her again.

Ndami is a former beast trainer for the Arena in Shadizar, a place where men and animals fight for the entertainment of the crowd. Originally from the land of Kush, he now lives in a run-down villa outside the walls of Shadizar with his lion Roghro and his tiger Dharma.


Old Velastios has long served as a scholar at the Great Library of Shadizar. His knowledge is immense, and it is said that he has forgotten what most people will learn in a lifetime. Now his life is a lonely one, and he enjoys any conversation he is able to come across.


John: This old guy’s a hoot! I love talking with my elders, especially when their stories are as fun to listen to as his!

Jatesh is a Vendhyan scholar and sorcerer. After defeating the group in combat, he gave them the job of retrieving a book from the City of Yezud, in Zamora.


Professor: In addition to being a powerful wizard, he is also a master of the game Kaissa.

Steve: The Professor accused him of stealing the Stone and Ring of Invisibility. Well fuck him. I disagreed with the plan but backed the play and wacked this wizard before he saw it coming. Kind of sucks since he was a great traveling companion and someone I had hoped to learn from.

Ming Xedong was sent to accompany the group by Jatesh, to ensure that his goals were accomplished. She seems to be quite capable as a swordswoman, and doesn’t seem intimidated at all at being alone on her quest.


John: Corey seems to have been smitten by Ming… I guess now we’ll have to see if he’ll act on it, or if he’s gonna resort to the ‘ugly stick’ again…

Steve: The Professor has started banging Ming and Corey seems to have a flame for her. I can’t wait to see the fireworks as this story unfolds. I am somewhat aroused by her myself now that I know she makes chipmunk noises during sex. I might just have to try my hand at her.

Steve: Since she completed her quest she seems to want to stick around with us. Apparently Jatesh had her on some kind of forced servitude. I welcome the company.

Steve: I am not sure if Corey will ever return but when he does, will he and the Professor go to town over this little princess? I wont interfere but will enjoy the fight..

Steve: I cannot figure out Corey. He acts all goo goo eyed over Ming and when she tries to take him he resists her advances so violently that she ends up back with the Professor. Will we see blood shed? Only time will tell. I can say this, had it been me and the woman I wanted, the man I viewed as the thief taking her from me would lie dead at the bottom of the sea. I suppose I should be happy my friends are not trying to kill each other over a foreign whore but then again since I lost Sam I really don’t give a fuck. .

More recently, the group ran into a group of bandits led by Bassus, a Corinthean. Several of his men joined the group in the hopes of finding vast riches.


One of the bandits who joined the group is Kinfe, a mysterious warrior from the Southern Kingdoms. He likes to travel with Corey, as he doesn’t really understand him.


Steve: the Professor seems in awe of Kinfe and keeps talking about learning to be a warrior from him. Now as I look back at the events that happened most recently I wonder If the reason The Professor decided to bang the kung-fu princess because he was jealous of how close Kinfe and Corey seem to be.

Steve: Once we hit the high seas this piece of shit betrayed us and tried to kill Corey. In the end I chopped off his head. He turned out to be a traitorous piece of shit who got killed far quicker than I would have liked..

Cuma, a young Cimmerian from the North, also joined the group hoping to make his mark in the world. He is particularly vicious, killing all enemies without mercy.


John: Cuma died in the attack on Jatesh’s caravan. This kid scared me at times, but I’ll still miss him.

_*Steve*: I met him when he attacked my caravan. He died a bad death full of arrows into his back. If he were not a kid I might not have even noticed. _

Yaakaov, the Story-Teller (or Liar, depending on the translation), claims to know the way to the ruined Tomb of Thugra Natohk. So far his story seems to check out, and the group might hire his services to regain some of the treasure they once left behind.


Steve: I met him once just hours before we massacred the camp he was in. I am not sure if he was a freind or a foe but I can say that not one of my companions seemed concerned when he got butchered. He cried for mercy in the end as he bleed out into the Stygian sands..

Queen Jehnna gained her throne thanks to Steve saving her from being sacrificed to the Dreaming God Daggoth.


The Alchemist Fassir has become good friends with Steve and has even helped Steve on his path towards becoming a sorcerer. His assistant Karina has never spoken a word in the party’s presence.


_*Steve*: I need to spend a year or two with this guy so that I can really learn to master sorcery. _

The merchant/slaver Hamadras.

Durka, a guardsman in the employ of Hamadras.

Munthassem Khan was the sorcerer general who leads the Dragon Army. He died on another world during a tournament of knights. He was not missed.

John: Iron John killed this SOB while we were in the cyber-Arthurian world. Good riddance… I only hope that he stays dead.

Svetlana was a warrior from Aesir, in Nordheim. She fought beside the group against Munthassem Khan, and then journeyed with them to Shem. She lost her life in the Ruins of Kuthchemes fighting the risen mummy of Thugra Natohk.

Steve: As we travel this world I often think of Svetlana. She was an awesome woman and a warrior worthy of respect. I miss her dead pan sense of humor and directness.

Olga was rescued from Khan. She claims to be the daughter of a Jarl in Nordhiem who will pay her weight in gold if she is returned to her home.


Yazira Priestess of Ishtar, was rescued from some kind of goblin-like creatures that had kidnapped her and all of the women from her village. Upon returning her to her home it was discovered that Kos, her acolyte, attempted to rob the church of its money.

Ashanti was a hunter from Kush. Until recently, she was a slave in Arenjun. She was cut down by Steve during a battle with the black corsairs.


John: We met her as we passed through Arenjun, and Iron John seemed oddly distant to her – not surprisingly, she reminded him of Betty a lot. She told us she was on her way to the coast where she was to rejoin her sailing companions. As I miss the sea, I envy her a little.

Professor: Another life wasted. I’m not sure why she attacked us or demanded no quarter, but I suppose I can find some cold comfort that she died in battle as she would have wanted.

Steve: Her crew attacked our ship and she was true to the charter of her people. I respected her alot but that did not stay my hand. I gutted her on the deck of her own ship. .

The Lady Satira was encountered at an Oasis in Southern Shem, along with her guardswoman Zari and two servants (Girl 1 and Girl 2). They were traveling with the merchant Sambor, but accompanied the group south to the River Styx, and then into Stygia and the Lost City of Khet. Satira and the two girls turned out to be mellors and killed many of the group. Satira was killed but of the others, nothing was ever discovered, perhaps they still hunt the party.


John: I miss Zari at times, particularly now that we’re back in Hyboria. I find myself wondering what she’s doing these days. I’m also glad that I never had to cross blades with her, as all the guys seem to think was eventually gonna happen.

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