The Places

The Lands of Urth

Breton is the land ruled by King Arthur. It is a nation made up of dozens of lesser kingdoms that have sworn allegiance to the King. It is here that Arthur’s Chivalry was born and from this place Chivalry has spread far and wide, even into the pagan lands. Arthur has established an elite unit called The Round Table, made up of 13 knights who stand far above all others in skill and valor. London is the most cosmopolitan of Breton’s cities.

The North is ruled by King Lot. It is a terrible place ravaged by storms and demons. Lot’s army is all that holds back the hordes of evil that threaten to destroy all of the civilized lands. It is said there is a black tower where Balor, King of the Fomorians, resides. It is also said that all who travel to the tower and return, die soon afterwards of a terrible Cholera like illness. King Leodegrance has been appointed as Shield of the North and is seeking Knights to join him on a quest deep into the lands of Balor.


Cornwall is a land to the far west. It is perhaps the farthest point that the Church still holds power. The land is ruled by King Mark who rules his people with an iron thumb. Cornish Ogres demand a toll to cross most bridges in the land. Mark’s navy is perhaps the most powerful int he world. Cornwall is the only civilized land that still has legalized slavery.

Brittainy is the coastal country to the northwest of Normandy. It is a pagan land full of standing stones. The land has no king but is ruled by a druidic council. The Dragon, Calypso, has taken up residence in this land. The Druidic Council is offering a huge reward for the knight who slays the beast.


Fenian is a great island that was once ruled by the Fomor. A small tribe of people who escaped the destruction of Atlantis fled to Fenian and after many generations of war, conquered the land. The land today is wild and dangerous and still ruled by pagan magic. Dozens of terrible tribes fight amongst themselves for control of the land but until one ruler finds the Blarney Stone, no one king will ever unite the Fenian people. Fenian bows are considered the best in the world. It is said that a skilled Fenian archer can kill a knight at 200 yards through armor.

Teutanus is the land to the east of Normandy. Its peoples are barbaric and said to be cannibals. Giants still roam the land and wild dragons have been spotted here. It is said the an even more barbaric people live to the east of the Teutans. No civilized man has ever dared make the trek.

Normandy is the heart of civilization. It is here that all the styles of the courts originate. The peoples are wealthy, educated, and devout followers of the Church. Normandy is an ally of the young King Arthur and it was only through their help that he managed to hold the kingdom in the early days. King Ban is the ruler and his son Lancelot is considered the greatest warrior to have ever lived.

The Land of the Giants is a cold land that can be found far to the north of Normandy and Gaul. Mortal men rarely enter these terrible lands. Ymir, the king of the giants, is said to be so huge that he is often mistaken for a mountain. It is here that the dreaded Wendyl live among the mists. Trolls, ogres, goblins, and other monsters live freely in this land.

The Raider’s Lands are the lands on the eastern shore of the Land of the Giants. These tall blonde warriors know no fear and are said to continue to fight long after suffering blows that should have killed them. Their leader is The Raven, a nine foot tall, one eyed man, who supposedly drank from the well of souls. It is said that he can see all that happens in the world.

The Holy Land is a far off place where war between the Church and the heathens demands the blood of hundreds every day. To travel there and return alive is the fuel for stories of great valor.

Far, far to the east is a great wall that stands over 200 meters tall. No one knows what lies beyond the wall and no civilized man has ever seen it. King Ban is preparing an expedition to visit the wall and King Arthur has expressed an interest in sending knights as well.

The Black Jungles are beyond the Holy Lands. It is here that the heathen hoard pushes closer and closer to the civilized lands. It is said that the heathens eat human babies and mate with their deformed horses. They follow a prophet who claims to have been visited by the One True God. He preaches through the sword and those who fail to convert to his new faith are put to death.

The Wasteland is ruled by King Pellius. The land was once thriving until the king was struck with a terrible curse. Since that day the blight has spread from his castle outward, traveling a few miles every day. People who enter the wastes and return, tell of horrors beyond the scope of most people’s imagination.

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The Places

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