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Obersturmenfuhrer Schmitt is a Nazi Officer encountered atop the Empire State Building in the Empire State. The encounter was amiable, and the group again made his acquaintance aboard the Luxor, where Lt. Colonel Schmitt helped organize the zeppelin’s counterattack against the pirates that had attacked the group while en route to Chicago. Further adventures ensued when the party took a job for Schmitt to steal the Tempus Device from a Nazi rival. The next meeting of Schmitt showed his true colors as the Red Skull


Steve: I like this Kraut but I know that one day, as with all Nazi’s, I am going to have to kill him. I hope when the time comes, that it is quick and painless.

After doing a favor for Nicky Devilo, the group delivered a box of cigars to Randolph Carter in Providence. He’s a book writer and a collector of – as the Professor put it – paintings of ‘Non-Euclidean Landscapes’. He seems to be a dabbler in the occult and the arcane, and has quite an extensive collection on the subjects. At some point the group is supposed to a favor for him on behalf of Christine.


‘Little’ Nicky Devilo was first encountered by the group on Wall Street, where he exchanged ‘words’ with Steve after making a pass at Sam. He was later encountered again at the Cotton Club in Harlem, where he offered to let bygones be begones. Later he was murdered by Sam.

1st Thoughts: Nicky started out as an ass but in the end proved to be stand up. I wonder if we become air pirates, will we be able to call on Nicky as a contact. Only time will tell.
2nd thoughts: This fucker stole Sam for someone Sky Vegas. If he wasn’t Brotherhood he would be dead already.
3rd thoughts: I am beginning to think this guy could be the answer to many of my questions regarding the mythos and Brotherhood secrets. The problem is The Professor and Blackjack are scared to death of the mythos shit and might get in my way.

The Rocketeer made an appearance during the battle over the Adirondacks. He saved Sam after she bailed out of her plane and her chute failed to open.

Steve: This dude saved Sam and that puts me into his debt. I will not forget to repay that debt someday.

Doc Savage himself showed up at The Haven to have a discussion with Steve. Apparently Doc is looking for the dame mentioned below. He also told Steve to watch his step in Manhattan, as Doc doesn’t appreciate the activities of pirates in ‘his territory’.

This mysterious – and striking – woman was seen talking to the man below at the station. She appeared to be waiting for the Luxor as well, but hasn’t been seen since departing Manhattan.

This man was seen on multiple occasions – at the bank, at the Empire State Building, and at Grand Central Station before the Luxor departed for Chicago. A notable thing about him was the size and apparent strength of his arms. It’s unknown what his connection is to Doc Savage, but he followed the Doc out of The Haven after the Doc had talked to Steve.

Short Round apparently witnessed our entrance into this world and followed us for a while, thinking we could lead him to Indy. No luck there, but before he left he stole Corey’s wallet and money. Later he was encountered again and this time he was accepted as part of the team. Pete invited him to travel with us but days later ditched him in Manhattan.

This man approached Corey at the Oktober Fest celebration in Chicago. He seemed to recognize the advanced nature of the weapons Corey is carrying, and tried to talk to him about them. At first rebuffed by Corey, he later left in a less antagonistic state.

Jimmy Olsen is a reporter for Air Action Weekly. He interviewed the squadron for an article he’s writing on the Luxor attack, and has since been encountered again upon the group’s return to the Empire State.

Steve: Jimmy keeps showing up wherever we go. I am beginning to think he is following us. Maybe he can see the story is going to be wherever we end up.

The squadron also met the Black Swan at a swanky party in Manhatten. She didn’t seem all that impressed with the group’s exploits. Although he tried his best to impress, Steve crashed and burned when he made a pass at her, leading to his wanting to shoot her down should they ever meet in the skies.

Steve: When I met her I tried to be polite and she snubbed me. I wasn’t making a pass at her because I knew who she was and was rather intimidated, now I am angry and can’t wait to see if she is as good they claim she is.

Jessica Rabbit is a singer that performs at The Haven in Manhattan. Her performances are very suggestive and quite arousing.

Steve: Pete made a play for her but I think I may have to offer him some competition on this one. She is everything I look for in a woman, at least in appearance.


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